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Planetary Magick By Denning & Phillips

Planetary Magick By Denning & Phillips

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Denning & phillips planetary magick is one of the most sought after modern occult classics, fetching up to $150.00 or moreif you can find a copy.Now, after being reintroduced by llewellyn, everyone can work with this fantastic book.Included are ancient secrets of planetary magick, powerful and effective rituals for individuals or groups that are straightforward and explained in full, tables of planetary correspondences, and much more.Youll discover how to work with the same forces that make astrology work.Also included are methods of mirror magick, knot magick, working with the olympic planetary spirits, the planets and qabalah, the magickal process, times and seasons of planetary magick, seasonal tides and the phases of the moon, planetary incenses, ritual preparation, the magickal elixir, planetary tarot divination, the sevenfold rite of the hearts desire, evocation of dreams, planetary gestures, and far more.Included is a foreword by donald michael kraig.Paperback english | 480 pages | 6 x 9 x 1".



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