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Chibi Anime Angel Crads By Dawn Brown

Chibi Anime Angel Crads By Dawn Brown

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The deck contains 44 full-color archangel cards, each carrying the attributes of its particular angel accompanied by an illuminating message that can be used for daily focus or as part of a divination spread.The archangels are depicted in playful chibi anime style, little animations of the archangels, to connect directly to the inner child, bypassing the intellect and thus allowing the messages to be absorbed by the subconscious.The accompanying 128-page booklet provides a comprehensive explanation of associated symbols, planetary alignments, and messages for each archangel as well as their position on the qabbalistic tree of life.It also includes guidance on card spreads and recommendations for using the energy of the cards.By connecting with angels and your inner child through the chibi anime angel cards, you open access to an everlasting and loving spiritual support system as well as to tools to develop your intuition for self-mastery and empowerment.A 4" x 5.5" box with 44 cards.



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