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Cd: Sacred Earth Drums By Gordon- Gordon

Cd: Sacred Earth Drums By Gordon- Gordon

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Our goal with this recording is to provide a musical catalyst which can serve as a ritual and ceremonial tool for contemporary people searching for a way to reconnect with ancient wisdom.Indigenous cultures know that humanity is only a small part of the overall web of life.Now more than ever we need to remember the sacredness of all life and reverence for the earth.This is a message which belongs to all people and all cultures, and, hopefully, future generations.In peace, steve gordon & david gordon drums from around the world join with native american flute, incan pan pipes, spirit rattle, guitars, keyboard textures, and sounds of nature (including wolf, eagle, coyote and dolphin).Feel the irresistible power of the beat lead you on a healing shamans journey.Move your body and become absorbed in the dance - for the sacredness of life and reverence for the earth!



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