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Adaptogens, Herbs For Longevity (hc) By Adriana Ayales

Adaptogens, Herbs For Longevity (hc) By Adriana Ayales

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Adaptogenic herbslike ginseng, cordyceps, and rhodiolawork to counteract the effects of stresses on the body.Used for millennia in eastern healing, they have now become popular again.Adriana ayales, owner of anima mundi herbals, shares her in-depth knowledge of these amazing herbs.In addition to a list of complementary herbs that pair wells with adaptogens, ayales also lists master herbs being researched for their adaptogenic-like chemistry.She offers 30 recipes for food, drinks, and natural beauty cures that can help banish fatigue, sharpen your mind, stimulate your central nervous system, and enhance vitality.Beautifully illustrated throughout, this authoritative guide also provides daily self-care tips for promoting wellness in mind, body, and spirit.A 7.5" x 5.75" hardcover book with 160 pages.



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