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3.5oz Refreshing Vetiver Saucha Soap

3.5oz Refreshing Vetiver Saucha Soap

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Saucha is a sanskrit word that originated from the hindu scriptures, meaning cleanliness, signifying total purification of ones body, mind, and spirit.Vetiver is known for its refreshing qualities, and is the main ingredient that generates the special aroma and benefits of this soap.The combination of uplifting vetiver oil, warming cinnamon oil, stimulating eucalyptus oil, invigorating tea tree oil with the touch of invigorating rosemary creates a revitalizing and enlivening experience.Aroma slightly sweet and spicy, with earthy undertones intention refreshing all natural; contains no phthalates, parabens, preservatives, dyes, or synthetic fragrances made with essential oils 3.5 oz (100g) bar.



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